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Data and WiFi Network 101

What Makes a Good Data and WiFi Network? The data and WiFi networking equipment in our homes is often overlooked.  Unlike the other technology equipment we can see, touch and experience, networking equipment is practically invisible. It’s hidden in a rack, or on a shelf, or in a closet, quietly working around the clock, streaming…

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Announcement: Mills Achieves Certification through the Home Technology Association

Mills has recently achieved certification through the  Home Technology Association. Mills is the first technology integration firm in Illinois to achieve this certification. The HTA Certification system is the new industry standard of excellence for home technology installation companies. The HTA exists to connect homeowners and the specification community with an independent method to evaluate the technical…

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Remote Support Capabilities Expanding

At Mills, we view ourselves as more than just a great technology installation company.  As our new logo suggests, we believe that design and support are equally, if not often more important.  Sometimes those two things combine, as Mills strives to “design for serviceability.” For the past few years Mills has been specifying and installing…

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