Hidden in Plain Sight – Hiding Technology

Technology in the home can be visually distracting, but it doesn’t have to be.  Home technology can be designed to integrate seamlessly into the design and décor of the home.  To preserve the sleek contemporary aesthetics of this downtown condominium, Mills Custom designed solutions that make the devices low-profile or hidden until the homeowner is ready to use them.
The living room television is neatly tucked away in a simple, yet elegant TV cabinet with a Nexus21 pop-up lift.  When the homeowners are ready to watch a movie or show, the TV lifts up from inside the cabinet with a simple push of a button on the remote control.
In the master and guest bedrooms, the televisions are mounted on recessed in-wall mounts with articulating arms. The mounting systems and equipment are located in the wall instead of creating a niche for the TV.  This allows for changes in TV size over time as well as giving the TV a flush, polished look (no visible wires, no television protruding from the wall) instead of a visually obtrusive piece of equipment.
A Seura Vanity TV Mirror in the master bath doubles as an integrated, high performance TV when on. When off, the mirror is flawless – the TV is completely invisible.
Conceal and consolidate. Throughout the home, keypads control wall clutter by consolidating several functions into one keypad. For example, in the master suite, lighting control, dimmers, shade control and music volume are all controlled from one consolidated location.