Project Case Study: Technology for Commercial Spaces – Mastery Logistics

Mills was approached by an interior designer working with a logistics firm to provide integrated technology solutions for their primary conference room and several huddle rooms in their main corporate office; each space was designed to foster collaboration. An employee amenity space provides a retreat where staff can relax and recharge.

The client required a flexible space that could adapt to varying meeting formats and sizes. With seating for over 30 participants, the Primary Conference Room can be used to host large in-person meetings. Large displays at either end. The space can be divided into two independent conference rooms. The system itself is also flexible in that it can be used as “BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)” – allowing meetings to be conducted from participants’ own devices using various platforms, whether it’s a Zoom meeting native to the room or a Teams session running from an individual’s laptop. Ceiling microphone arrays capture participant voices from every corner of the room, ensuring everyone is heard during video conferences, and ceiling speakers deliver pristine audio from remote participants.

Each of the three smaller Huddle Rooms comfortably accommodates 1-4 participants to collaborate locally, for quick team meetings, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one discussions, and they’re also equipped with video conferencing capabilities, allowing for collaboration with remote participants.

Televisions and a music system were installed in the staff break room to offer employees a place to unwind – whether they want to catch up on news, enjoy a show, or simply listen to music.