A Tech Service Department…. for your home

Most homeowners don’t spend much time interviewing technology companies about their after-sale service. It’s hard enough to comparing  different proposals, and how it will all fit the budget.  By the time it’s complete, the system should just work forever (well, perhaps a very long time), right?

You enjoy your technology systems when they’re working.  But then little issues appear.  Something needs rebooting.  Something else needs firmware updating.  Perhaps that change you’ve requested four times still hasn’t been made.  Or the buttons still have temporary labels.  Technology is ever-evolving.  The company who did the project says they will take care of it, but they seem to have moved on to other projects, and don’t respond quickly.  Maybe you’ve even called other companies, but they seem uninterested in providing service since the project is already complete and the big ticket items have been already sold.

Most home technology companies want to sell big systems and move on.  They don’t want to be in the service business, because frankly, they aren’t structured to be in the service business.

Mills is different.  At Mills, we believe equally in Design, Installation, and Service.  If you have an existing home technology system, but aren’t being taken care of, our team welcomes the opportunity to provide you with world-class service.  Homeowners that didn’t use Mills for Design or Installation can still enjoy all of the benefits of Mills Service through a monthly service membership.

Does Your Home Technology Provider Offer…

  • 24/7 phone and email support?
  • Priority response times – including same day?
  • Remote monitoring of the system – discovering (and solving) problems before you do?
  • An advanced ticketing system that ensures issues are resolved?
  • Working on your behalf to resolve issues with cable, satellite, and Internet providers (when possible)?
  • Friendly, courteous and highly-trained technicians who approach problems in a logical and efficient way?

If you feel your home technology support needs aren’t being met, please contact us.  We would be happy to explain our process, our customer service memberships, and even set up a time to inventory and document your existing system.  Call us at 847-419-9990, Option 2 (“New Sales”).