The 2021 Mills Holiday Gift Guide – TVs and Projectors

Many electronics are in short supply due to supply chain disruptions and pandemic-induced demand. However, TV and projector inventory remains strong.  Right now is a great time to place an order for a new TV or projector for the holidays. If you’re looking for a great gift, and/or are looking to make an upgrade in your own home, there are a lot of great new models on the market.

For the person who wants the ultimate big screen experience

Sony Bravia 100-inch 4K HDR Full Array LED TV.  For a long time, the biggest TVs available were 85”.  With the release of this 100” diagonal TV, Sony now offers an option with 40% more viewing area. It costs slightly more than a projection system, but it is bright enough for any room. Enjoy excellent picture quality and sound virtually anywhere – Sony’s unique ambient optimization technology automatically adjusts picture and sound to your environment. Click to learn more about all the bells and whistles.  With this 100” screen in your room and a complimentary sound system, you’ll never need to head out to the cinema again.

Photo of 100" Sony Bravia TV

For the TV lover (who doesn’t want to see the TV when it’s off)

Have a TV enthusiast in your life who’d rather not see a blank screen when the TV’s off?  

Many Mills clients have installed “Frame” TVs in their homes, especially in rooms where they want an alternative to the look of a TV turned off.  To date, the largest Frame model was 65”.  However, Samsung recently introduced a 75″ version of the Frame TV and will soon be releasing an 85″ version. The Frame enhances any room with beautiful art that’s also a TV.  When the TV is on, the picture is stunning high-resolution QLED quality.  The Frame also has customizable options to match any taste and decor. Andand they’re magnetic, making them simple to attach and detach for a different style.

Photo of Samsung Frame TV

For the movie enthusiast or serious gamer

To get a 120” screen, you need to have a big projector hanging from the ceiling in the back of the room, right?  Not so fast my friend.

Many manufacturers have released ultra-short-throw projectors. These projectors can be placed only inches from the wall, while creating a 110”-120” diagonal image. Short throw projection is great for smaller rooms. Or existing rooms that may not have a lot of wiring. The projector can be housed on or in a credenza below the TV. In fact, Mills can offer semi-custom furniture solutions for a projector and pair of speakers.  Many people also use these projectors for video games since not much room is needed to get a stunning large image.

Short throw projection

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