We Now Offer Home Wellness Products

If there’s one place where we should be able to relax and take a deep breath, it’s home.  However, one of the biggest health crises is finding its way indoors – none of our homes are exempt from rising levels of air and water pollution. 

It’s never been easier to protect your home from harmful airborne particles and waterborne contaminants. Mills now offers products from Pure365, an integrated system of hardware and software that both filters and tracks your indoor air and water. 

As part of our expanded technology offering, Mills can help you identify and monitor particulates in air and water and recommend purification systems to enhance healthy living.  Their purification systems are the most powerful in the world, capturing over 99% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, microorganisms and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The air quality purifiers are more efficient than HEPA filters, removing particles down to .007 micron in size.  This includes removing most known viruses.  In fact, these products are used in many hospitals as a first defense against viruses and bacteria.

If you are interested in learning more about a single room or whole-home air or water purification system, let us know.  We have products available that can help with air and water quality, that require very little installation.