3 Essential Outdoor Technology Upgrades to Transform Your Living Space for the Best Summer Ever!

Right now is the perfect opportunity to rethink and revitalize your outdoor living areas. At Mills Technologies, we specialize in integrating premium integrated technology solutions to improve our clients’ everyday lives. Pretty much everything we do inside, we can do outside. In this article, we”ll discuss the top three technology upgrades that you can make to create the ultimate outdoor oasis.

1. Outdoor Music Systems: Setting the Tone for Your Outdoor Spaces

Imagine a sound system that not only matches, but sometimes can even surpass the acoustic performance of your indoor spaces. At Mills, we have a range of outdoor audio systems that are suitable for all types of areas – from cozy corners to large yards to rooftop decks.

For smaller areas like patios, courtyards, and outdoor rooms (less than 750 square feet), a pair or two of outdoor rated speakers will work well.  Outdoor speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These can be mounted on walls or ceilings, in walls or ceilings, or even hidden under eaves.

For larger areas, landscape speaker systems provide a blanket of rich audio for your entire space. Landscape systems use a number of small satellite speakers reinforced with hidden subwoofers. The speakers are strategically placed around the perimeter, facing in. This speaker arrangement allows for even sound coverage without spots that are too loud or too quiet. And, because the speakers are facing in, 90% of the sound remains in your listening space, and you’re not disturbing your neighbors.

Landscape systems are completely scalable and suitable for everything from patios to rooftop decks to yards of any size. The speakers and subwoofers are generally finished in a neutral earth tone and are easily camouflaged into plants and foliage.  Subwoofers can be below-ground and seamlessly blend into landscape, or can be built into patio furniture or planter boxes.

2. Outdoor Lighting: Craft the Perfect Ambiance and Enhance Security

Outdoor lighting does more than illuminate; it transforms – enhance the architectural beauty of your home. But outdoor lighting is more than just aesthetics. Outdoor lighting systems also bolster security by lighting up walkways and potential entry points. And, with an integrated control system, you can manage your outdoor lighting from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, simulating occupancy when nobody is home.

3. Outdoor Televisions: Bring Indoor Entertainment Outside

The outdoors can be a great place to get together for TV – an outdoor movie night with the family, watching a game at a barbecue with friends, or just watching a favorite show while enjoying the warm weather for the short time that it’s here in the Midwest. 

Why choose an outdoor TV rather than an indoor one that you can use for a year or two? After all, televisions are reasonably inexpensive. Outdoor TVs are much, much brighter than indoor TVs, making it possible to actually see the picture when there’s more ambient light from the sun. Even in the shade, an indoor TV will not be easily visible. They are also designed to withstand the elements – moisture, dust and even the extreme swing in temperatures that we have between seasons here in Chicago.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Mills!

At Mills, we believe that your outdoor spaces should be an extension of your indoor spaces. These three technology upgrades are just the beginning. Let us help you transform your outdoor areas to the space of your dreams, ensuring every moment outside is as perfect as the ones spent inside. Start planning today and experience the ultimate in outdoor luxury and entertainment. Contact us today!