Our Process

At Mills, we take a holistic approach. Our process follows what we call  “The Four Pillars.” We see a project from the ideation stage through the long-term care and maintenance of a system.  Clients may choose to use Mills for one, some, or all of our service offerings.

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It is our primary goal to be considered our clients’ and building partners’ trusted advisors for technology solutions. For our clients, this means consulting with them before the start of any project to identify the right technology solutions to meet all of their needs, including budget. For our architect, designer and building partners, this also means providing educational courses to keep them informed of the often rapid changes within integrated technologies. Mills is certified to present a number of courses for continuing educational credits recognized by AIA, ASID, NAHB, and other organizations.

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Whether installing a single TV or a sophisticated multi-zone technology system, the success of any project starts with proper planning and design. Good design begins with understanding the voice of the customer – listening to our clients’ needs, values and budget. From there, we work in an iterative process of presenting solutions and refining them with client feedback. We work with other project stakeholders – architects, designers, builders, and other trades – to ensure that coordination is performed before the start of work. Finally, Mills often produces a package of design documents, including floor plans, system diagrams, and a budget with bill of materials, helping ensure that projects stay on-time and on-budget.

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Mills boasts some of the most experienced and highly-trained technicians in the industry. Our average technician has over a decade of industry experience – longer than most technology companies have been in business. Combined with our design and planning, the result is finished technology systems of the highest caliber. Whether in a completed home or business, or one under construction, we considered ourselves guests, and act in a manner appropriate. We are very mindful of where we work, and make sure that any project site is left clean, organized, and in a state equal to or better than how we found it.

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At Mills, we install dynamic systems in static structures. Like anything else that has electronic, and mechanical parts and software updates, client systems need service from time to time. While we take great pride in our customer service, Mills strives for something even better: uptime.  We define uptime as the amount of time a technology system is available for the enjoyment of our clients. With the rapid changes in technology and the nature of electronics, this sometimes means establishing a regular maintenance schedule. Mills also employs a number of devices to monitor and manage clients’ systems remotely, so that we can identify and often fix system problems before clients even realize there was an issue. To help facilitate our maintenance and uptime, Mills offers a variety of customer care plans.

Proven Process