Motorized Shades

Automated Shades Modern Living Room


Motorized shades provide convenience, and energy savings and increase safety and security in our homes and businesses.  Motorized shades are available in battery-operated and hardwired solutions, therefore making them an appropriate option for essentially every type of home. Even if you’re not sure you’ll want motorized shades later, if your home or office is currently under construction, run the wire now. It’s much more cost-efficient to run the wires while the walls are open. Pre-wiring also allows for easy upgrades from manual to motorized window treatments.

Image courtesy of Lutron

Wireless / Battery-Powered

Battery-powered shades are great for existing homes where cabling might be too labor-intensive. They are also good for retrofitting an older building because they don’t require wiring. Both Crestron and Lutron – two manufacturers that we have worked with for years – offer battery-powered options to their motorized shade solutions.




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Motorized outdoor shades help to enhance our outdoor living spaces during the Spring, Summer and Fall months, and even extend the season a bit. Depending on the fabric selection, an outdoor shade can help to retain cool air, reduce UV rays and block out the majority of dust (and insects!), while allowing visibility through the shade.  It is possible to enjoy fresh breezes and unobstructed views, and then lower shades with the press of a button.