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Aesthetically Thoughtful Installations

A television is often the focal point of a room.  At Mills, we pride ourselves on television installations that are as functional as they are sleek and aesthetically pleasing.  We work with our clients to select the right display for a given room application, the right mount and the right location for the TV.  Installing the TV close to the wall, or even recessed into the wall for a clean side view, hiding the wires and video components are all important aspects of a clean installation.  To us, integrating video in a way that compliments your design is paramount.

The Frame (middle) , when not in use, turns into a beautiful piece of artwork (middle).

Hidden Technology

Make your TV disappear when it’s not being used.  There is a wide array of options when it comes to hiding technology.  Samsung Frame TVs double as beautiful artwork when the TV is off.  For living spaces, a TV mirror from Seura is a high-performance TV when on that completely vanishes into a stunning mirror when turned off.  Special mounts can be used to lower the display from the ceiling, push it upwards from a cabinet, lower it into the floor, or conceal it behind a panel on the wall.

Ultra bright display is visible in sunny conditions. An indoor TV screen would black out.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces have become an extension of our homes. Enjoy a summer movie night with the family, watch the big game with friends at a barbecue, or simply watch your favorite show while enjoying the nice weather.  Because there is more ambient light outside (even in the shade), outdoor TVs are much brighter than indoor models. They are designed to withstand the elements and can be left outside and used year-round.  Add music and lights and create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.