A television is often the focal point of a room – as is a projection screen or video wall. It is important to choose the right video display for a given room and application, and to make sure that it looks great – both while on and while off.

Mills Technologies boasts a wide variety of solutions from the premier video brands in the industry.  From wall-mounted televisions to retractable projector screens, learn how we can integrate video seamlessly into your home!

Want to add a video distribution system, or some new TVs to your home?

Video Without Compromise

Years ago, integrating video into your home might have necessitated design compromises. No longer. Today, with flat panel televisions and retractable projection screens, video integrates seamlessly with your home and remains unobtrusive if not invisible. Screens from manufacturers like Séura can even turn into mirrors when not in use. To us, integrating video in a way that doesn’t disturb—and in fact, complements—your design is paramount. Whenever possible, we work with your builders and designers during construction or remodels to ensure this happens.

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Watch Anything, Anywhere

It’s never been easier than it is now to access any video source from anywhere in your home. We help create video distribution systems that centralize all of your media, and provide an easy interface so you can watch anything, any time, on any screen. Declutter your spaces by removing the need for separate video equipment feeding into each screen. In addition to saving space, you’ll increase reliability and streamline your home’s technology by bringing all your video equipment into a central hub. Our video distribution systems are custom-designed to meet the needs of each customer and the demands of each home.

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