Media Rooms & Home Theaters

Media room with large TV

Media Rooms

We work with homeowners to create their perfect entertainment space, whether it be a dedicated home theater or a multi-purpose media room. Based on the space that you have available, as well as what you’re looking to accomplish, we design a custom entertainment environment that gets the absolute most out of the space we’re working with. Media Rooms are typically multi-purpose spaces that often double as the Family Room or Den, giving you a large screen experience with great surround sound.

Home theater

Home Theaters

Providing cinema-quality sound and definition in your home theater has never been easier than it is now. Today’s audio/video equipment includes high-definition projectors, state-of-the-art projection screens and powerful audio, creating a fully immersive experience. We work to create a cinema-quality experience with equipment from brands like Sony, Stewart Filmscreens, Da-Lite and more. Our designers work carefully to precisely calibrate the video and audio for the space we’re operating in. Together with specialty home theater seating, your dedicated home theater can meet and even exceed the comfort and experience you get at the movie theater.

Image courtesy of CinemaTech
Image courtesy of CinemaTech

Home Cinema Design Services

We not only can design the audio and video components for your home theater – we can help you design the room too!  With our partners at CinemaTech, we work with our clients, guiding them through each aspect of their project, taking their vision of the perfect home cinema into reality.  The design process includes an initial design consultation where we discuss options for seating, lighting and acoustical recommendations, preliminary design drawings, selection of materials and finishes.  Finally, development of 3D renderings, illustrating exactly what the completed room will look like  (like the one above, from a recent Mills project; image courtesy of CinemaTech).