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Video monitors are all around us, from our computer screens to TVs to smart devices. Watching video on a screen has become commonplace and unspectacular. Contrasting this is the truly immersive experience created by a Media Room. Media Rooms can be a dedicated Home Theater space specifically for the purpose of watching movies, TV and sports; or, they can also be a normal room that boasts high-quality audio and video equipment, often discretely hidden when not in use.

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Your Perfect Entertainment Space

We work with homeowners to create their perfect entertainment space, whether it be a dedicated home theater or a multi-purpose media room. Based on the space that you have available, as well as what you’re looking to accomplish, we design a custom entertainment environment that gets that absolute most out of the space we’re working with. We might work with you to create a casual, comfortable living room environment that transforms into a media room featuring in-wall speakers, an integrated projector and a retractable projection screen. We also create full-blown dedicated home theaters that faithfully reproduce the visuals and sound of the movie-going experience.

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Home Theater

A Cinema-Quality Experience

Providing cinema-quality sound and definition in your home theater has never been easier than it is now. Today’s audio/video equipment includes high-definition projectors, state-of-the-art projection screens and powerful audio, creating a fully immersive experience. We work to create a cinema-quality experience with equipment from brands like Sony, Stewart Filmscreens, Da-Lite and more. Our designers work carefully to precisely calibrate the video and audio for the space we’re operating in. Together with specialty home theater seating, your dedicated home theater can meet and even exceed the comfort and experience you get at the movie theater.

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