Home audio

Sound Integrated Throughout Your Home

We love helping you harness the power of sound in your home. With the latest audio technology, your music travels with ease throughout your home, with multiple zones of audio controlled from the palm of your hand. Our team designs audio solutions that meet the needs of your space. In kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and other living spaces, we may suggest ways to integrate speakers seamlessly and unobtrusively into your home’s design. For dedicated theater rooms, we take pride in designing movie-theater-quality sound systems. And for high-end audio aficionados, we work with the best equipment from premium brands like Marantz, McIntosh, Meridian, Sonance and more.


Your Music, Always Within Reach

We simplify your audio setup by centralizing audio for all rooms at a single location.  This allows you to control audio for any room, any time, through the nearest touch screen or mobile device.  For some rooms, wireless sound systems like Sonos may be an appropriate solution, providing powerful sound and the flexibility to move your system later.  Your new audio system will allow you to take advantage of the near-infinite amount of streaming music available through your home’s network.



Speakers are designed to look like lights, and blend into landscaping.

Music Outdoors

What’s a party without great music? High quality speakers are key to outdoor audio systems – they need to sound great, but they also need to withstand the elements.  We offer a few different solutions, depending on your space. For small spaces like patios, courtyards, and outdoor rooms (less than 750 square feet), a pair or two of outdoor rated speakers will work well.  Outdoor speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For larger areas, landscape speaker systems provide a blanket of rich audio for your entire space. Landscape systems use a number of small satellite speakers reinforced with hidden subwoofers.