Lighting Control

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An intelligent lighting control system is a foundation of the modern smart home. Perhaps more than any other component of your home system, lighting control saves time and adds incredible convenience and atmosphere. Rather than flipping switches on and off, one by one, imagine a lighting control system custom-tailored to your family's needs, activated with a single touch.

Convenient control is only the start. We can help put your lighting on autopilot, moving automatically between lighting scenes tailored for each time of the day. And lighting control can help reduce your energy usage by ensuring only the necessary lights are on during different times of the day.

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Your Lighting on Autopilot

Off-the-shelf lighting components that don't blend with your decor, leaving a trail of switches and dimmers? That just won't cut it anymore. Let our lighting design team bring out the best in your home, and deliver a new level of convenience to you and your family.  Imagine pressing a single "Wake Up" setting that turns on a predetermined series of lights across your house.  Then, dim those same lights for dinner, and turn them all off with a single touch as you walk out the door.  Or, put the entire routine on autopilot based on your daily schedule.

Bedroom with Lighting Control
Courtesy of Lutron
Contemporary Living Room with Lighting Control
Courtesy of Lutron

Energy Savings & Security

Lighting control makes it easier than ever to keep energy usage down. Incorporating lighting scenes for different times of the day can help simplify keeping on only those lights that are needed. Putting your lighting schedule on autopilot makes this even simpler. For even greater efficiency, we can help you make use of occupancy sensors to seamlessly turn on the lights as you enter a room, and fade them out when the room isn't being used. Lighting control systems can also help improve security by making your home look occupied even when it's not, with active lighting and scene changes giving the impression that you're home.

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