Custom lighting control buttons


An intelligent lighting control system saves time and adds incredible convenience. Rather than flipping switches on and off, one by one, a lighting control system custom-tailored to your needs, is activated with a single touch. A lighting control system also minimizes energy usage and increases safety and security


Contemporary Living Room with Lighting Control
Courtesy of Lutron

LED Fixtures

We can specify and provide an assortment of high-performance LED lighting fixtures. This includes recessed (in-ceiling), linear, and outdoor fixtures. The key to controlling and dimming lights is to make sure the driver of the lights is compatible with the dimmer - our fixtures are 100% compatible with our control systems, ensuring the best in system performance and light color and accuracy.

Outdoor lighting
Courtesy of Coastal Source


Mills can transform your outdoor space utilizing path, area, in-ground, bollard, color-changing, and hardscape light fixtures. All these fixture types are low-voltage LED. Proper landscape lighting provides safety and security, and also adds to the overall aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

Lighting Design Consulting

Lighting should highlight architectural features, bring attention to art and high-end furnishings, and make colors stand out. A dedicated lighting local lighting design firm is often the best solution for lighting design; however, there are times when the project budget doesn't allow for a dedicated lighting design firm, but the project requires expertise for more than a lighting layout. For these situations, we offer lighting design consulting.