Wi-Fi and Networking

We live in a wired (and wireless) world.  We use our data networks to work, learn, entertain, and communicate.  Fast, reliable data networks for homes and businesses has become increasingly important.  As a company that provides technology solutions for homes and businesses, there is nothing more important than a properly designed and installed data network to ensure success of the technology in the home.  To ensure the highest degree of speed, reliability, and service, Mills offers two types of data networks:

High-end Consumer Grade Network

  • Typically for homes less than 5,000 square feet, with a limited number of users and devices.
  • Designed for wired Gigabit speed.
  • Limited Wi-Fi handoff capabilities (including for Wi-Fi calling).
  • High reliability.
  • Moderately scalable.
  • Some diagnostic tools for troubleshooting.

Enterprise-grade Network

  • Typically for businesses, or homes over 5,000 square feet.  Also appropriate for urban areas with wireless interference and/or difficult construction conditions (such as lath and plaster).
  • Designed for wired Gigabit speed.
  • Wireless controller for Wi-Fi handoff capabilities, including Wi-Fi calling.
  • Highest reliability.
  • Fully scalable.
  • Vendor remote technical support and diagnostic tools allow quick diagnosis and resolution of issues.