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We live in a wired (and wireless) world. Much of our communication, video content, and music content is coming from the internet, and this trend will only increase. More than ever there is the need for faster, more robust data networks – especially in urban areas where wireless can present unique challenges. Mills offers a number of proven, robust data networks for residential and commercial clients.

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Fast, Stable and Reliable

Modern homes and offices have more and more devices and activities requiring a strong, stable, fast data network. A reliable network is the backbone of any automated home or office. With the proliferation of multiple mobile devices, and the corresponding demand that adds to the network, your Wi-Fi needs to provide reliable coverage and extend to every corner of your space. We specialize in tackling all of these issues by getting your data network up to speed for the needs of today's technology, and by building a Wi-Fi network that is reliable and frustration-free for everyday use.

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Comprehensive Network Solutions

While working to create a strong, reliable network for your home or office, we also work to make it as organized and invisible as possible. If your space is being built or renovated, we can add comprehensive structured wiring within your walls, becoming a conduit of information that flows from room to room. For ease of maintenance, reliability and security, we centralize your communications at a single point. Let us help future-proof your home or office by investing in a network that can serve you for years to come.

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