What is Video Distribution?

We briefly touched on video distribution in our Control System vs Multiple Apps post a couple of weeks ago. Distributed video allows a single video source, like a cable box, AppleTV, or a Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple TVs that are connected to a video switch.

Video Distribution – Some Advantages

This provides a couple of great advantages. One, it minimizes the cost of buying or renting equipment for each television location. So, if you have 5 televisions in your home, and you want to watch cable on all of them, you would need five cable boxes. Each incurs a monthly rental fee. And, chances are, you would seldom watch all five cable boxes at the same time. With video distribution, you can use just two or three cable boxes for all the TVs in your house. Thereby saving on the monthly equipment rental.

Reduced clutter is another great advantage of video distribution. Video distribution allows the ability to hide all your AV gear in a central location. Without sacrificing the ability to watch whatever you want, wherever you want in your home.

Left image shows AV equipment cluttering living space.  Right image video distribution with no equiopment clutter and sleeker design aesthetic
A video distribution system can eliminate equipment clutter (left) by centralizing the sources elsewhere to feed multiple TVs in the home, resulting in a sleeker, less cluttered living space (right)

Another huge benefit of a distribution system is using one remote to control everything. No juggling the cable remote, the TV remote, the AppleTV remote. A smart universal remote like those offered by Control4 or Crestron eliminates the need for separate controls for each video component. Audio/music, lighting and shades can also be added to the system for a fully integrated home system.

Why Work with a Pro?

Working with an experienced home integration firm like Mills Technologies ensures that your system is designed with your current audio/video needs in mind. But, your needs may change and grow over time. So our systems are scalable. As technology changes and your needs change or grow, your system can grow with it. Interested in learning how video distribution would work for your home, please contact us – we are happy to help! Mills Technologies