Smart Lighting – Advancements, Enhancements and Innovative New Tech

Lutron Launches new Radio Ra3 Wireless System

Smart lighting for the home is constantly evolving. And now, with the introduction of Radio Ra3 from Lutron, there has never been a better time to say yes to lighting control.

Four big changes:

New Sunnata dimmers feature a light bar that can be touched or swiped to set the lights. The light bar has a soft glow that makes it easy to locate in the dark. And, the brightness is adjustable, including the option to turn it off completely.

Sunnata keypads, dimmers and switches have better backlighting, have a contemporary design aesthetic and come in more color options than ever before.

The Lutron app is more user friendly than ever – including new app-based editing that allows homeowners to edit and create scenes and events right from the app

 And finally, Radio Ra3 devices are equipped with the newest in wireless technology. Allowing for greater ranger and reliable, lightning-fast performance.

Wall Controls

More than ever, homeowners, designers and architects have many aesthetic options from which to control lighting. In addition to the aforementioned contemporary Sunnata controls, there are wall control options that fit virtually any décor. Lutron Palladiom keypads offer a sleek, minimalistic and architectural design aesthetic. They are available not only in architectural matte finishes, but extremely popular glass and metal (shown below) finishes as well.

Lutron Palladiom keypads with a metal finish

For a more traditional look, Lutron Alisse wall controls integrate timeless design with cutting edge technology, and you can personalize your controls with text or illustrative icons.

Lutron Alisse wall control

In addition to their traditional “Cameo” style keypads, Crestron now offers their “Horizon” style keypads and dimmers.  These are elegantly backlit with the ability to change light colors. Buttons can be custom engraved and are field-replaceable.

Creston Horizon keypads in various finishes

And, for a completely custom look, there are also third-party sources. Major control companies such as Lutron and Crestron can use custom inputs to control lights.  For example, while the lighting controls from one of our projects (a historic mansion turned bed & breakfast) look like early 20th century pushbuttons with engraved brass plates, they are actually inputs for a centralized lighting system (they also control shades and music too!) 

Modern lighting control push button panel designed to look vintage/original to the home

Smart Lighting and Voice Control

Wall controls aren’t the only way to control your lights (or shades, or music).  You can also control them with your voice. Mills is now installing, a voice-controlled home automation system. You simply say “Josh, turn on The Beatles in the Kitchen and Living Room.”  Small microphones can be hidden on walls or countertops. The powerful Nano microphone is only slightly larger than a quarter.  Josh never shares your data for marketing purposes or sells it for third-party advertisements. And you have the power to specify how much information your home collects.

Ketra – Watch Light Transform Your Space

It’s almost time for your guests to arrive – set the mood by telling Josh to turn the dining room lights to candlelight, and the living room lights to entertain.  It is now easier than ever before to add the transformative nature of Ketra lighting to your home (or office).  When pired with a lighting system processor (the “brains” of the system), Ketra bulbs from Lutron can be added to many existing fixtures (with S38, S30, and A20 lamps) for an easy retrofit lighting solution. And of course, Ketra can be installed during renovation and new construction.

Look for future videos and demos on how and Ketra work.  And, if you would like to learn more about lighting control and how it can transform your space, please contact us!