Mills Holiday Gift Guide

For the on-the-go music lover: The new Sonos Move
The Move is the new durable, battery-powered, weatherproof and drop-resistant smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. Get great sound anywhere with the Move. Control with the Sonos app just like any other room, or even your voice.  And, since the Move is Bluetooth enabled, you can take this tailgating, camping, wherever, and stream directly off of your phone into the speaker.

For Control4 users – The new, sleek Neeo Remote Control
Love your Control4 system, but looking for a remote control that’s a little sleeker?  Or perhaps with a better touchscreen?  Available in silver or black, the new Neeo remote control has a chassis made of machined aluminum, making it as tough as it is sleek – it’s built to withstand heavy usage and accidental drops.  And, since the Neeo automatically works with all devices that are set up through an existing Control4 system, there is little setup required to add this remote to your system.  Mills can add each remote to your system in under an hour, meaning you could be using this remote control in no time.

For the TV lover (who doesn’t want to see the TV when it’s off)
Have a TV enthusiast in your life who’d rather not see a blank screen when the TV’s off? 

Samsung QLED televisions with Ambient Mode
Ambient Mode allows you to take a photo of the wall, upload it to the TV, and the TV blends into the wall behind it. Plus, you can overlay art or personal photos.

Image courtesy of Samsung

The Frame by Samsung
The Frame enhances any room with beautiful art that’s also a TV.  When the TV is on, the picture is stunning high-resolution QLED quality.  The Frame also has customizable options to match any taste and decor, and they’re magnetic, making them simple to attach and detach for a different style. 

Image courtesy of Samsung

Seura Entertainment TV Mirror
Like the idea of a TV in the Living Room or Bedroom, but don’t want to see an ugly black screen when it’s off?  Looking to add the sophistication of a mirror to a room?  Seura’s Entertainment TV Mirror is a beautiful mirror that transforms into a TV when switched on.  In addition, as a small business, we love to promote other small businesses.  Even though they are located in Green Bay (we’ll let this slide), we love the story of our friends Gretchen and Tim Gilbertson starting this business in their garage 15 years ago and growing it to one of the preeminent specialty mirror and outdoor TV company in America – with American manufacturing too!