Mills Wins Crestron Award for Simple User Interface

Award-Winning Crestron Dealer Chicago

Often when considering technology for their home or business, people’s biggest concern is: “Will I understand how to use it?”  “Will it be simple?”

User Interfaces (UIs) or Graphics User Interfaces (GUIs) are the key to enjoying any electronic system.  In addition to clean, crisp graphics, user interfaces must be intuitive to use – even for someone that has never used the system.  And in today’s world of multiple user interface devices – such as smart phones, tablets, dedicated touchscreens, and even computers – the user experience must be the same on all devices.

It is in this light that we want to congratulate the Mills Team for being awarded a top prize in the category of user interfaces.

Crestron, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, recognized Mills Technologies as a winner of their 2014 Integration Awards.  Now in its tenth year, the Crestron Integration Awards spotlight amazing projects featuring Crestron technology from around the world.  Mills received the top prize for “Smartest Use of Smart Graphics” for development of an intuitive user interface that manages numerous systems in a Chicago penthouse, including music, video, and climate.

From Crestron: “The integrator [Mills Custom] utilized Smart Graphics to ensure that the interface was simple and intuitive. Drag-and-drop graphics for audio minimize page flips, and enable the homeowners to easily control a single room or multiple rooms at the same time…. The property manager has the Crestron App installed on his iPad in case there are any issues or questions after hours. He can remotely perform tasks such as managing the music, video, lighting, or climate systems. You can’t get simpler than that.”

Mills strives to be our clients’ trusted technology advisors by offering intuitive and reliable electronic solutions for the home and business.  We thank all of our team members for their dedication to creating great customer experiences.  We also thank our many customers for their feedback and insights that have allowed us to create these award-winning user interfaces.

If you are considering “home automation”, “smart home technology” or a “control system” for your home or business – or, if you are in need of updating your existing system – please considering contacting Mills Custom.  We welcome the opportunity to consult with you, and show you how our award-winning user interfaces can help you enjoy your technology systems – be it music, televisions, lights, shades, climate or more.  When asked the question, “Will it be simple to use?” we’ll help ensure that this is a resounding “Yes!”

Link to Crestron 2014 Integration Awards